Tooth Extraction Springfield IL

Do you need a tooth extraction in Springfield, IL? There’s no need to be frightened of dental extractions when you have an experienced and compassionate dentist. Here at Schön Dental, we know that patients can get nervous about tooth extractions. Our entire team works to make you as comfortable as possible. We will thoroughly explain the procedure before it happens and give you detailed instructions on what to do at home. During the procedure we keep your comfort in mind and do everything we can to make it as smooth as possible.

Our goal is to ensure you have a happy and healthy smile for years to come! Sometimes that means a tooth extraction for Springfield, IL patients. There are many reasons a patient may need dental extractions. If they are a young adult, their wisdom teeth may be coming in. For patients with a crowded smile, tooth extraction might be needed to make room in their jawline for all their teeth. Some patients have teeth that are too far decayed to be saved. In all those instances, the patient may need to have a tooth pulled. At Schön Dental, we examine your mouth, check to be sure that the tooth cannot be saved, and make a plan to restore your dental health. It may be as simple as a wisdom tooth extraction. It could also mean a plan to remove the tooth, wait an appropriate healing time, and install a dental implant that will anchor a veneer, allowing the patient to have full use of their mouth once again. Your Schön dentist will formulate a personalized plan of treatment after examining your mouth.

Schön Dental offers tooth extraction from our Springfield, IL office. We offer extractions, along with other services such as root canals, gum disease treatment, dental fillings, and orthodontics, in-house so our patients don’t have to go see outside specialists. This streamlines the process and makes it convenient for our patients to get the dental treatment they need. We would love to help you have a happy and healthy smile! Dial (217) 697-5190 to schedule an appointment today!

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