TMD/TMJ Treatment

Temporomandibular joint disorders (TMD/TMJ) can wreak havoc on some patient’s lives. The jaw pain, joint discomfort, teeth grinding and recurring headaches can make functioning in everyday life difficult. At Schon Dental in Springfield, IL, our TMJ dentists offer patients who suffer from TMD/TMJ and similar conditions a variety of effective TMD/TMJ treatment options to help release muscle tension, alleviate jaw pain and control additional TMJ symptoms, so they can regain a better quality of life. Here are a few standard methods of treating TMD/TMJ.


    TMD/TMJ Treatment Options in Springfield, IL

  • Botox Treatment:

    Currently, Botox has become a common course of treatment to help manage TMD/TMJ symptoms. When directly injected into tense facial muscles the paralytic toxin may relieve pain in the jaw. The popular injections are also effective at lessening the intensity or eliminating headaches caused by bruxism (teeth grinding). Botox has also been proven to be a successful treatment of lock jaw for patients with chronic stress symptoms.

  • Mouth Guards and Dental Splints:

    Custom-made oral appliance therapy with nightguards, dental splints and orthotics can resolve pain by stabilizing top or bottom teeth to prevent clenching or overnight grinding. Patients who wear some sort of mouth guard typically experience fewer headaches and less joint pain, because there is a lot less tightness and tension in the jaw. Discomfort caused by teeth sensitivity is also reduced because orthotics prevents harmful grinding. Dental splints can also be worn to correct teeth misalignment and bite problems.

  • Bite Correction:

    Sometimes, the root cause of a patient’s TMD/TMJ symptoms is a bite issue or tooth misalignment. At Schon Dental, our TMJ specialists in Springfield, IL have found that in these cases, the solution is often to correct the alignment problem with orthodontics. If your mouth function is impaired or if you experience teeth sensitivity, you may benefit from tooth overlays or dental crowns. But, if bruxism is also an issue, these options will not stop you from grinding or clenching your teeth.

Our Springfield TMJ dentists will be happy to assess your TMJ symptoms and your overall oral health to determine, if necessary, which TMD/TMJ treatment is right for you. Book an appointment with our office today!