Sports Mouth Guard Springfield IL

If you or your loved ones play sports or engage in active forms of recreation, it’s important to have a high-quality custom-fit sports mouth guard to protect your teeth and mouth from injury. A custom sports mouth guard can protect your or your child from broken teeth, tooth loss, and other oral injuries. In recent years, some studies have also suggested a well-fitting mouth guard can also prevent concussions related to impact to the face or head. When you need a comfortable, durable custom-fit mouth guard, book an appointment at our Springfield IL office!

It may surprise you to learn that at least 25% of the oral injuries we treat are sports-related! A sports mouth guard is an important piece of protective gear that should be a necessity for any athlete’s sports equipment bag. While store-bought mouth guards are better than no protection at all, they often fit poorly and may slide in the mouth or even cause oral abrasions. A custom sports mouth guard is molded perfectly to your individual mouth, providing a comfortable fit that keeps your teeth safe from trauma.

While you may immediately think of a mouth guard as only being needed in a high contact sport like football or basketball, they’re also important to use for sports and recreation activities like gymnastics, bicycling, horseback riding, skating, and soccer. The best treatment is generally prevention, and sports-related injuries are no exception! A comfortable, custom-fit sports mouth guard is a great way to protect yourself or family members from painful or expensive oral injuries – and allow you to focus on staying active and having fun.

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