Sinus Lifts

sinus lifts

Sinus Lift

The foundation of a successful dental implant surgery is lots of strong bone. Quantity and quality are the keys, but traditionally, placing implants in the upper back jaw is a challenge due to the lack of sufficient bone and the proximity to the sinus region. It is not uncommon for some people to naturally have more strong jaw bone on the bottom and less on the top. If you have lost quality bone as a result of tooth loss, periodontal disease, or age, you may not have enough support left to place dental implants, and sinus lift surgery may become necessary.

Sinus Lifts

Sinus Lift Surgery in Springfield, IL

Schon Dental offers dental sinus lift procedures to correct this issue by raising the sinuses and adding more bone so that dental implants can be inserted and stabilized. We may opt to use one of several sinus lift techniques to promote new bone growth. Your dentist may also suggest this type of procedure if your sinuses are positioned too close to your jaw or to add length to the height of your upper jaw. All dental procedures are performed by our in-house professionals on the premises at Schon Dental.

The new bone we add is positioned between the sinuses along the nose and jaw. The outsourced bone comes from several sources: it may be extracted from the patient’s body, or xenografts (cow bone).

Benefits of Sinus Lift Procedures in Springfield

For more than 20 years, sinus lifts have been used and perfected. This restorative dental practice in Springfield, IL is now a routine procedure that makes wearing implants possible for many patients who otherwise would have limited tooth replacement options. With so many of our patients choosing dental implants, our Springfield dentists are happy to offer sinus lifts. Book an appointment for a sinus lift/dental implant consultation today!