Invisalign Raymond, IL

Searching for Invisalign near Raymond, IL? Schön Dental happily serves customers living in Raymond, IL from our offices in Springfield, IL. Invisalign is an amazing alternative to braces. Why is that? With braces, they’re noticeable, painful, and you must limit what types of food you eat. Invisalign is just the opposite! Unless you tell your friends that you have Invisalign, they likely will not even notice that you are wearing the retainer. Invisalign can be painful when your teeth are shifting, but there are no wires that can stab the inside of your mouth like braces, and you won’t be making any emergency orthodontist appointments. You’ll also save time, because without the need to adjust metal brackets and wires, you’ll spend less time in the office. Before you begin treatment, we can also show you a virtual image of how your teeth will look when straightened.

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The way Invisalign works is after your consultation, we build a series of retainers that you’ll wear throughout treatment. Let’s say it takes ten retainers to straighten your teeth. You’ll start with retainer number one, and approximately every two to three weeks you will move onto the next retainer. Your teeth will gradually straighten by these slight retainer adjustments. Then, after you’re done with the tenth retainer, we will take it out, and either give you a more heavy-duty retainer to wear at night or place a bonded retainer in your mouth that holds your teeth straight 24/7. After you’re finished with treatment, compliment your new smile with a teeth whitening appointment. Give us a call today to schedule your consultation for Invisalign near Raymond, IL.

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