Invisalign Loami, IL

Anyone who’s looking for a skilled dentist to fit them for Invisalign near Loami, IL can visit Schön Dentistry for superior dental care and great customer support. It’s not uncommon to look for Invisalign near me when you’re considering your options for improving your smile or fixing your bite. Thankfully, there’s a group of experienced dentists in nearby Springfield who can help you create a treatment plan that will keep you grinning inside and out. Going to an orthodontist for traditional braces can be time-consuming and expensive, so we like to make sure our patients always have options.

The Right Solution for You

It’s easy to understand the appeal of Invisalign for Loami residents – it’s a faster and more affordable alternative to braces. At the start of treatment, a patient comes in to have an impression of their teeth taken. From there, the dentist can create a series of clear trays that will reposition the teeth over time into the desired alignment. Each set of trays is worn for a few weeks, then discarded and a new set used in their place. Patients don’t have to worry about taking care of hardware in the mouth or difficulties with eating – Invisalign trays can be removed to eat and brush, and are otherwise worn at all times or as instructed by your dentist.

Unlike traditional braces, which often require 1-2 years for effective results, Invisalign can work in as little as 6-18 months, depending on how many sets are needed to move teeth into the appropriate position. Our dentists are experienced with these treatment plans, so be sure to keep us in mind when you’re looking for Invisalign near me.

Concerned about cost because you don’t have insurance? Don’t worry. We’re happy to work with individuals and families to come up with payment plans that work for them, and we also offer our own insurance alternative, called Health Assurance. For a low monthly membership fee starting at just $25 per person per month, all your preventative dental care is covered, along with x-rays and fluoride treatments. You’ll also receive a significant discount on advanced and cosmetic dental procedures.

Are you ready to meet with a dentist who can help you plan your Invisalign treatment near Loami? Call on us today at 217-697-5190. Our office is located in nearby Springfield on Mansion Road.

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