Invisalign Grandview, IL

Trying to find somewhere to get Invisalign near Grandview, IL? Reach out to us here at Schön Dental for a free consultation! You can save up to $500 on your clear braces when you choose us. Our office is conveniently located just 15 minutes from Grandview and we’d love to hear about your orthodontic goals. We offer a number of other services as well, including teeth whitening and cosmetic dentistry.

You probably already know all about Invisalign, but in case you’re just learning about it, we’ll explain. These invisible aligner trays are also known as “invisible braces” and are appealing to patients because they fit over the teeth and gradually move them much like traditional braces but without the noticeable metal brackets. You have the freedom to eat and drink as you normally do without having to worry about anything getting caught in your mouth hardware and you can brush and floss unimpeded. You receive a series of trays that fit over your teeth and move your teeth into the desired alignment little by little, changing them out for a new set every few weeks or so. A typical plan can be simple, involving only a few trays, or extensive, involving multiple trays over the course of several months to a year. It all depends on your teeth and your desired result. Free Invisalign consultations are available to all Grandview residents, as well as those in the surrounding areas.

Maybe you’ve been living with imperfect or slightly crooked teeth all your life and it never occurred to you that such a simple change was possible. It is! This is an affordable and unobtrusive solution that doesn’t require the level of time or financial commitment that traditional orthodontics does. It’s perfect for patients who just need minor correction, but it can also be used for more extensive corrections as well. We proudly serve Grandview, IL from our Springfield, IL dental office. Call us today at 217-697-5190 to set up your free Invisalign consultation and get easy directions to our Springfield office from Grandview!

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