Invisalign Girard, IL

If you’re on the lookout for a dentist doing Invisalign in the Girard, IL area, you should call in to Schön Dental to set up an introductory appointment. Our qualified dentists are now serving new patients of all ages in and around the Girard area. In addition to Invisalign, an alternative to traditional braces, you can also make an appointment with a teeth whitening dentist for other elective and cosmetic dental work.

Giving You A Happy, Healthy Smile

Being unhappy with your smile can impact your life in many ways. You might feel less confident or experience strain to your mental health because you’re focused on how uncomfortable you are when you speak or smile. Thankfully, most of the issues that cause people problems are fixable with modern dentistry. With traditional braces, you would need expensive hardware installed in your mouth and a typical treatment plan can last up to three years. With Invisalign, our Girard area patients can achieve the same effects in six to eighteen months, and all without the hardware that puts most people off having braces in the first place. Your treatment plan will begin with your dentist taking an impression of the teeth in your mouth and then making a series of clear trays that will gradually move them into the desired position. Your trays will be replaced every few weeks and can be removed to eat and brush. Otherwise you’ll wear them for most of your day, resulting in straighter teeth, more room in your bite, or any other correction you need.

Our Invisalign treatment for Girard residents is effective and fast, but we understand some may still hesitate due to cost or lack of insurance. If this is the case for you, our office can help. We accept patients without insurance and will work with you on payment plan options. We also offer a Health Assurance plan, an alternative to insurance that starts at just $25 per month per person and covers your yearly preventative care and offers discounts on other services we offer, including Invisalign.

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