Invisalign Auburn, IL

Thinking about purchasing Invisalign near Auburn, IL? Visit Schön Dental! We are experts at Invisalign. How does Invisalign work? Invisalign aligners are clear retainers, include no metal, and are custom made for your smile. They work in a series of trays to gradually shift your smile into becoming completely straight. Your teeth will typically move 0.25mm per tray in the set. How long will our Invisalign Dentist take to complete your treatment? On average, it will take about 12 months. However, every smile is different, so timing can vary. Invisalign near Auburn, IL is a great alternative to braces. Wondering what the pros and cons are of each?

Let’s take a look at Invisalign vs Braces.

Invisalign Pros

  • Not noticeable by others
  • Can take out to eat
  • Comfortable to wear
  • Less Expensive than braces

Invisalign Cons

  • Many do not wear all day long like they should, resulting in longer treatment times

Braces Pros

  • Cannot takeout therefore no delay in treatment

Braces Cons

  • More expensive than Invisalign
  • Not comfortable
  • Wires often break resulting in emergency trips to the orthodontist

Compliment your Invisalign with our Zoom Teeth Whitening treatment. You’ll have a bright white smile in no time when you choose Schön dental.

At Schön dental, we want you to have a happy and healthy smile. Regular dental services or Invisalign from our compassionate dentists ensure optimal oral health, and a smile you can feel confident in!

Don’t just take it from us, check out this review from one of our happy customers, Lish S. 5-Stars.

“Friendly, professional and a in a relaxing environmental. I am one of those adults who is terrified by the thought of going to the dentist. But the staff here made my son’s visits so effortless and easy I now find myself as a patient and can make an appointment without anxiety”.

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