Tooth Extraction

A dental tooth extraction is a common dental procedure that is performed when a tooth is causing problems or pain. There are several reasons why a tooth would need to be removed from the bone. Whether you need a simple extraction or a tooth extraction surgery, our Springfield, IL dental office can help you.

There are different reasons people need teeth extractions. Frequently, the issue is when a tooth becomes impacted, and can’t grow in normally. This is typically why so many patients have their wisdom teeth extracted. It is also not uncommon for us to remove stubborn baby teeth. Other problematic conditions that require a tooth extraction are overcrowding and teeth misalignment. Sometimes teeth need to be surgically taken out to provide additional room. In other cases, teeth have become so badly damaged or decayed they are beyond repair, which is one reason it is so important to come in for regular dental check-ups. If left untreated, any of these unhealthy mouth conditions can result in more severe, long-term problems.

Relief from Dental Pain

In our Springfield, IL office we perform simple tooth extractions for minor issues and surgical tooth extraction for impacted teeth. A simple extraction involves loosening your damaged tooth with forceps and gently pulling it out of the bone. Our in-house surgical extractions are more complex, requiring anesthesia and an incision.

Wisdom Teeth Removal

Schön Dental has experienced and compassionate dentists that can take care of your wisdom teeth removal. First, a dentist will take an x-ray prior to extraction to get a clear reading of exactly what is going on inside your mouth. A complete panoramic view is required of your whole mouth before we can proceed with the tooth extraction. If an oral infection is detected, you have an unhealthy immune system, or if you have other health concerns, you may be prescribed an antibiotic prior and after the tooth extraction.

Remember, we will only extract a tooth if is the best treatment solution. We will do so if there is no way to save the tooth, if it is a threat to the surrounding teeth and overall mouth health, or if the affected tooth is causing severe pain.

If you feel you may be in need of a tooth extraction, book an appointment with our Springfield office today. Our experienced extraction dentist will be able to determine if tooth removal is the best option for your oral health.

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