Athletic Sports Mouth Guards

Among all the mouth injuries we treat at Schön Dental in Springfield, IL, at least 25 percent are sports-related. Most of the damage we see is to the top front teeth. Kids and adults who partake in baseball, soccer, bicycling and many other athletic activities are at risk for dental injury.

We all know that the benefits of youth sports and physical fitness far outweigh the chances of getting hurt. However, it is important to always take precautions by protecting yourself and your loved ones. A serious dental injury caused by sports can result in a lot of pain, severe mouth damage, and high treatment costs that aren’t always covered by dental insurance.

If you or your kids play recreational sports or other physical activities, you must protect your teeth, face, and entire mouth. It is most common for the front, upper teeth to receive damage upon impact; since teeth in the lower jaw are less exposed, they are not as vulnerable to harm. At Schön Dental in Springfield, we offer custom-fit mouth guards. These athletic mouth guards can keep your child from broken teeth, losing teeth, and other damage to the face or jaw. A custom-made mouth guard uses a protective cushion to cover and shield the upper teeth. The dental appliance should fit properly and be comfortable to wear.

A well-made athletic mouth guard is an essential piece of sports equipment that should be included in every active person’s gear bag, starting at a young age. Dental catastrophes occur all the time, and they usually happen when you least expect it during a high-energy activity. Youth sports come with a lot of rough physical contact. Even activities like skating, horseback riding, or gymnastics involve risks.

Unlike the ready-made sports guards you can buy in-store, Schön Dental offers custom-made guards, crafted specifically to fit your mouth for better protection and comfort. For your own set of custom sports guards, book an appointment with our Springfield office today!

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