Full Mouth Reconstruction Springfield IL

We offer full mouth reconstruction for patients that have dental issues that are affecting all or most of their mouth, including extensive tooth loss or decay, bite issues, jawbone or joint issues, gum disease and worn or failing dental work. If you’re uncomfortable with your smile or experiencing multiple dental issues, we can help! At Shön Dental, we want our Springfield IL patients to have healthy, confident smiles. Our dedicated dentists are highly experienced and skilled in addressing mouth-wide dental issues and use only the latest advanced restorative and cosmetic technology to help restore your smile back to one that you’ll be proud to show.

Whether you’re interested in full mouth reconstruction due to oral disease or for cosmetic reasons, our caring and compassionate dentists can help. We’ll start with a comprehensive consultation exam to determine the types of procedures that will be required. Your dental plan will be completely personalized to your individual needs; depending on your oral health, your full mouth cosmetic reconstruction may involve a series of cosmetic or restorative procedures. We may recommend fillings for cavities or ceramic crowns for worn down teeth or heavily decayed teeth. If you’re missing several teeth, we may recommend a bridge or dental implants for a more permanent solution. Depending on your oral health, oral surgery involving bone grafting or tooth extractions may be necessary.

Your full mouth cosmetic reconstruction may also include ceramic veneers, dental bonding, or Zoom! Teeth Whitening. Patients with receded gums or excessive gum tissue may be good candidates for laser gum recontouring. For patients with bite issues, crooked or misaligned teeth, we offer orthodontic options, such as Invisalign and 6 Month Smiles. We also have treatment options for patients who may be suffering from TMJ or TMD (temporomandibular joint issues). Regardless of which full mouth reconstruction procedures you need, we can handle it all in-house, so you’ll never need to worry about being referred to another office.

We take great care to ensure our patients are comfortable throughout their procedures and offer safe, effective sedation dentistry for patients who may feel wary about the procedures they need. If you’re living with multiple dental issues that are affecting most of your mouth, we’re here to help! Book your appointment at our Springfield IL office today by calling 217-697-5190.

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