Dentures Waverly, IL

Do you need a dependable dentist to fit you for dentures in Waverly, IL? The experts at Schön Dental in nearby Springfield would be happy to help you with full and partial dentures! We offer a range of dentistry services including denture, emergency, general, and cosmetic care. We even provide treatments for patients with sleep apnea or TMJ. Our experienced, well-rounded team is able to provide top-quality care for all your dental needs.

Dentures offer a variety of benefits. They can help patients feel more comfortable in their smile, improve the bite, maintain facial appearance and structure, and help eat and speak normally. Missing teeth can cause a face to look saggy or caved-in. Dentures help with this issue and allow patients to feel confident. There are have been great improvements to dentures over the last few years; they now look more natural that ever before. These new, stronger dentures give patients all the appearance and comfort of natural teeth. Our dentists can discuss all of your options. Depending on your existing teeth you may choose full or partial dentures. Partials are held in place alongside natural teeth with wire or implanted surgical posts while a full set can be adhered to the mouth with denture adhesive.

Don’t be shy about needing dentures in Waverly, IL. Many people need a full or partial set due to injury, accident, illness, or age. Whatever the reason you need them, our staff treats every patient with the respect and dignity they deserve. We want every patient to leave with a happy and healthy smile! We are proud to offer our patients a variety of services including cleanings, crowns, extractions, root canals, dentures. When you need professional and compassionate dental care, visit the team at Schön Dental. Call us today at 217-697-5190 to set up an appointment.

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