Dentures Pawnee, IL

Trying to find a reliable dentist to fit you for dentures in the Pawnee, IL area? Come see the experts at Schön Dental in nearby Springfield, IL. Our experienced dentists offer both full and partial dentures for patients who need them, as well as other relevant basic, advanced, and cosmetic dental care. In addition, we also provide treatments for patients with sleep apnea or TMJ. Our team is well-rounded and able to provide adequate care for all your dental needs.

Giving You The Smile You’ve Always Wanted

Historically, many people have been apprehensive about getting dentures throughout the Pawnee and Springfield areas. There’s a stigma that goes hand-in-hand with needing dentures, whether that stigma is in aging, not taking care of one’s teeth, or something else entirely. In reality, there are many reasons why a patient might require partial dentures or a full set. These issues may in fact be due to aging, but they may also be due to injury, accident, or illness. Whatever the reason, when you visit Schön Dental, you will be treated with the utmost care and respect.

There are a number of benefits to receiving dentures, including aesthetic and cosmetic reasons, but also improving the bite, retaining the ability to eat certain foods, and maintaining facial appearance and structure. When we have missing teeth, the facial appearance may look caved-in or saggy, and dentures can help with that issue. With today’s advances in dental care, denture material looks more natural and is stronger than ever before, giving you all the comforts and appearance of natural teeth. A full set may be adhered to the mouth with denture adhesive, while partials may be held in place against the natural teeth with wire or implanted surgical posts. Your dentist can discuss all your options with you.

At Schön Dental, we’re proud to offer support and care for all of our patients regardless of their needs or income level. Please ask us about our Health Assurance Plan if you’re currently uninsured – for a low monthly membership fee, you will be able to receive a range of basic or advanced dental care at an affordable rate. The plans start as low as $25 per individual per month! If you need to be fitted for dentures and require a new dentist in the Pawnee area, please call our Springfield office at 217-697-5190 to set up an appointment.

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