Dentures Loami, IL

Are you finally ready to make a plan to be fitted for dentures and need a dentist near Loami, IL to help you put it together? Schön Dentistry is right for you. Our office is located conveniently nearby in Springfield and we’re currently accepting new patients of all ages, from young children through seniors. Our experienced dentists can fit you for full or partial dentures, denture implants, and much more. We also offer routine preventative and advanced dental care, a friendly staff, and a warm demeanor.

Quality, Comfortable Dental Insurance

It can be tough to come to the conclusion that you need dentures, but once you do, having a dentist local to Loami can make a big difference in the convenience of your care. People of all ages may need full or partial dentures for a whole host of reasons. We see people who need replacement for their natural teeth due to age, injury, illness, infection, and much more.

There’s no reason to sacrifice your comfort and health – come see us today. With modern advances in dental practice and science, we’re able to ensure dentures are more comfortable and more natural-looking than ever before. Many of the materials used to make dentures these days are strong and virtually indistinguishable from natural teeth. If you need a full set, we can show you how to care for them and your gums, as well as how to adhere them to the mouth with adhesive or surgically implanted posts. Partial dentures are typically held to the remaining natural teeth with wire, and they look seamless. If you have concerns or questions, we are always happy to help. We want you to be comfortable and we find education and open communications are the best ways to make our patients feel good about their care.

Concerned about costs because you don’t have dental insurance? We gladly accept patients with no insurance and we offer our own alternative monthly membership plan called Health Assurance. For as low as $25 per month per person, you can receive all the basic preventative care you need as well as a significant discount on other basic, advanced, or cosmetic dental procedures.

Please come see us to discuss your options for dentures today – Loami patients are welcome! Call on us today at 217-697-5190. Our office is located in nearby Springfield on Mansion Road.

We are reopening for patient care. Call now to get scheduled!