Dentures Grandview, IL

Looking for an excellent dentist to craft your dentures in the Grandview, IL area? Schön Dental is here to serve! Our experienced and professional dentists and assistants offer a welcoming, comfortable environment for all your dental care needs. We offer a number of services, from general and advanced dentistry to orthodontics to treatment for sleep apnea. Many patients come to us for full and partial dentures or implants.

We serve patients from all walks of life and who have a range of health concerns. Regardless of your age or health status, you may find yourself in need of replacement teeth. Lost or missing teeth can change the appearance of your face and cause issues with chewing, among other problems. Tooth implants or dentures will help restore your appearance and improve jaw pain or eating problems. Our practice offers standard dentures for Grandview and other area patients, which are dentures that feature natural-looking teeth set in an acrylic base designed to look like natural gums. These are placed in the mouth with a sealant and function as real teeth. Implant-supported dentures are also available, which means that posts will be surgically implanted in the jaw bone to act as anchor points and extra support for the teeth. This procedure is most common on the lower jaw, but it can be done on either upper or lower jaw if there’s enough bone to house the posts. Partial dentures are constructed similarly to removable retainers or bridges. A replacement tooth or teeth is placed to a gum-colored base and held in place with metalwork that fits over the existing teeth. It fills in gaps and can replace teeth in an entire section of the mouth.

Replacement teeth work well for people of all ages, from those who have lost teeth due to age to those who have lost them due to an accident or health issue. We proudly serve Grandview, IL from our Springfield, IL dental office. To discuss your options or set up a consultation with one of our dentists for your dentures, please call 217-697-5190 and our staff will be happy to give you quick directions from Grandview!

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