Dentures Glenarm, IL

Trying to find the right place to be fitted for dentures near Glenarm, IL? You’ve found it! Schön Dental is conveniently located on Mansion Road in Springfield, IL and we’re currently taking new patients of all ages, from children all the way through seniors. There are many reasons why a patient may need full or partial dentures – accident, injury, illness, age, or a host of other issues. Our team here at Schön is dedicated to treating all our patients with the compassion and respect they deserve, whether they visit us for a routine cleaning or treatment for sleep apnea.

These days, denture technology has extended far beyond your grandparents’ day. Today, dentures are made with revolutionary materials and are carefully crafted to be sturdy and usable, as well as look as much like natural teeth as possible. Patients who need dentures in Glenarm can expect to undergo an imprint of their current teeth and bite, plus a fully drawn-out treatment plan. If you need partial dentures, they must be constructed to work with your natural teeth and are typically held in place with wire fittings. In some instances, the dentist may give you the option of implanting surgical posts in your jawbone to anchor your dentures in place. Most often, you’ll be using dental sealant to keep your dentures from moving. You’ll be able to use them just as you would natural teeth. Feel free to ask your dentist lots of questions about how to care for and treat your dentures

Are you concerned about not being able to afford your dental procedures because you don’t have dental insurance? At our office, you don’t have to worry about that. Not only do we accept and work with patients with no insurance, we also offer our own alternate Health Assurance membership plan. Unlike dental insurance, there are no yearly minimums or wait times. You simply pay a monthly membership fee (starting at $25/month for a basic individual plan) and your preventative care is covered. You also receive significant savings on all other basic, advanced, and elective procedures.

If you’re trying to find a qualified dentist to fit you for dentures in the Glenarm area, you can count on Schön Dental to do the job right. You can reach us via our online appointment form or by calling 217-697-5190 to further discuss your options.

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