Dentist for Kids Virden, IL

Looking for a dentist for kids near Virden, IL? Schön Dental is your perfect match. We’re currently accepting new patients of all ages, from small children through seniors. A children’s dentist knows how to help kids feel at ease and help them learn proper dental hygiene early so they can have a solid foundation for a lifetime of good dental health. Our kid friendly dentist will help them learn how to take good care of their teeth and gums while making the experience enjoyable instead of “scary.”

Quality Dental Care Without Anxiety

We know many patients, especially young ones, experience anxiety when coming to see the dentist for the first (or even tenth) time. Our staff is always patient and compassionate with our young patients so that they feel welcome and safe. It can be difficult to find a dentist for kids in the Virden area that listens to patients and helps them feel better about their visit, but you’ll always find one here at Schön. A great children’s dentist knows that one of the best ways to help kids feel comfortable with dental care is education, so we’re happy to illustrate what we’re doing and why, using models and pictures to help kids understand what’s happening in their mouth and how to take proper care of their teeth so they can avoid cavities and decay. If we need to fill a cavity or do extensive dental work, we’ll put them at ease and show them there’s nothing scary about the process.

Concerned because you don’t have family dental insurance? Not a problem! We accept many forms of insurance as well as patients who don’t have any at all. We also offer our Health Assurance program, an alternate care plan that gives patients access to preventative dental exams, x-rays, fluoride treatments, and more for as little as $95 per month for a household. Very affordable!

To make an appointment with a dentist for kids serving the Virden area, call us now at 217-697-5190 or use our convenient online form. Our office is located in Springfield, IL on Mansion Road. We look forward to meeting you!

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