Dentist for Kids Glenarm, IL

Are you looking for a dentist for kids in Glenarm, IL? There’s a kid friendly dentist nearby! Schön Dental is located in Springfield and happy to be the first dental experience for many children. Sometimes kids get a negative impression of dentists from television or movies. We work hard to make sure that the dentist is fun and educational. Our FYSH (Find Your Smile Here) School teaches kids about how to take care of their teeth from an early age. We also make every visit an opportunity to learn about oral health. A kid friendly dentist that engages children can mean the difference between a kid who is afraid to go to the dentist and one who looks forward to their cleaning!

The Right Dentist for Patients of All Ages

We aren’t just the right dental office for your kids. We are also the perfect dentist for anxiety patients of all ages. Our experienced staff ensures each patient, from the littlest kids to grownups, are comfortable throughout the appointment. This means offering compassionate and gentle care regardless of the circumstance. We know that sometimes dental care gets put on the backburner. Your teeth may have cavities, need a root canal, or more extensive work. We focus on restoring your oral health and relieving any dental pain you’re experiencing. You can count on us for professional dental care at every appointment, whether you need:

When you need a dentist for kids in Glenarm, IL, visit an office that can help the whole family. We see patients from 1-100! Whether it’s teaching kids the importance of oral hygiene in age appropriate steps and language or fitting a patient with a full set of dentures, we’re dedicated to all our patients. We want you to leave with a happy and healthy smile!

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