Dentist for Children Carlinville, IL

Schön Dental is the perfect choice for a dentist for children for Carlinville IL patients. We’re located in Springfield IL just off Route 4, making our dental clinic a convenient option. Our dental office makes everything as smooth as possible for your family. That’s why we offer most services in-house including: adult and dentist for children, orthodontics, root canals, ceramic crowns, and teeth whitening. Having a full range of professional dental services allows our patients to become comfortable with one office without having to visit different specialists frequently.

Our entire team is here to make sure each patient has a happy and healthy smile!

One of the reasons parents choose Schön Dental as a dentist for children from Carlinville to Williamsville is our staff. We have dentists who are good with scared patients. Some children – and adults – are frightened of the dentist, but we work hard to ensure that every patient is comfortable. There are no surprises here! We get kids accustomed to visiting the dentist, put them at ease, and make sure they know each procedure that’s happening. Our kid’s dentist personalizes each treatment based on your child’s specific needs. We consider dental health history, your child’s development stage, any health concerns, and parental preferences. We also offer FYSH (Find Your Smile Here) School; an educational program that is fun and informative. FYSH School teaches kinds about dental health and good oral hygiene habits.

If you’re looking for a kid’s dentist near Carlinville, IL then Schön Dental may be the right choice for you! Our friendly and professional office is experienced at making sure kids are comfortable throughout their appointment and our FYSH School teaches kids good dental health habits from an early age. In addition, our office offers other services you may need as your family grows like athletic mouth guards and fluoride treatments. Call us to schedule an appointment today.

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