Dentist Breckenridge, IL

When you need a dentist in Breckenridge, IL – look to your local experts! Schön Dental is proud of our experienced dentists, skill with making frightened patients comfortable, and range of services. If you are looking for the best dentist in central Illinois, our family-friendly office is sure to win you over.

Our experienced dentists are gentle, caring, and thorough. They are accustomed to working with patients of all ages and dispositions. They ease frightened patients with friendly demeanor, explaining each procedure, and making sure the patient is comfortable at all times. For patients with extreme anxiety, we do offer sedation dentistry using nitrous oxide, commonly known as “laughing gas”. Nitrous oxide is extremely safe for children and adults. It allows patients to relax into a euphoric state while dental procedures are completed and is quickly reversed when the patient begins breathing normal air again. This form of sedation is safe, quick to administer, hypoallergenic, and has no unpleasant side effects. If you need a dentist near Breckenridge with experience working with scared patients, Schön Dental has medical professionals that can help.

Sedation dentistry is available for patients, however, the best way to make your child comfortable with our dental office is regular visits. With regular checkups every 6 months, children can become acclimated to our office and dental procedures. Our FYSH (Find Your Smile Here) School teaches kids about children’s dentistry and good oral hygiene. This program is fun, educational, and builds a foundation for good dental habits. We offer a range of services for children’s dental needs including fluoride treatment and dental sealants. We also offer orthodontics in-house. In addition to general dentistry for children and adults including root canal therapy and gum disease treatment, our office provides cosmetic treatments ranging from teeth whitening to Botox. We accept major dental insurance providers, will work with patients to establish payment plans that work for them, and have our Health Assurance Plan that offers patients dental care starting at just $25/month. With a dentist near Breckenridge that does it all, there’s no need to visit outside specialists! Ready to visit the best dentist around? Call Schön Dental at (217) 483-7177 to make your appointment today. We proudly serve Breckridge, IL from our Springfield, IL dental office.

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