Dental Insurance Toronto, IL

Are you living without dental insurance in Toronto, IL? It’s no problem when you come to Schön Dental. It’s important to us that all our patients have access to affordable health insurance. That’s why we’ve developed our own Health Assurance plans to make sure you can always afford to get the care you need to stay healthy and happy. You have a choice of plans starting as low as $25 per person, per month so that you can receive care for anything from your semi-annual cleanings to treatment for a sore tooth and even more.

We know it can be easy to let your dental care go by the wayside when you’re uninsured, but skipping cleanings and foregoing necessary treatment can be a serious detriment to your health. Gum disease has been directly linked to heart disease in several studies and a tooth infection from untreated decay can cause severe pain. Long before it gets to that point, you should invest in affordable health insurance for your dental care. Our Basic Support plan from our Health Assurance program is even better than dental insurance and is available to residents in Toronto, Springfield, Breckenridge, Grandview, and other local Illinois cities. The Basic plan includes full x-rays, bi-annual dental cleanings and exams, sealants and fluoride varnish, and 15% discounts on the basic, advanced, and elective care options we offer. It’s an excellent plan for people who want to maintain basic dental care and who don’t need extensive work done. Routine cleanings are your best line of defense against cavities and gum disease, so it’s well worth the investment. Patients who require more intensive care can opt for our Health Creator or Health Rebuilding plans for a higher monthly cost. Both include more robust treatment options and discounts on care.

Whether you want to know whether we accept your current dental insurance or you’d like to ask about our Health Assurance plans, please give us a all at 217-697-5190 for details. We proudly serve Toronto, IL from our Springfield, IL dental office. You can also set up an appointment and our staff will be happy to give you fast directions from Toronto!

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