Dental Insurance Pawnee, IL

Don’t have dental insurance in Pawnee, IL and not quite sure where you can go for affordable dental care? Schön Dental understands that dental work can be prohibitively expensive for many people. That’s why we developed our own Health Assurance Plan that offers affordable dental care for adults with no insurance.

Dental Care Plans For Your Needs

The Health Assurance Plan is not a health insurance plan, but it is a way to pay into a dental care plan that will give you access to the basic dental care you need, as well as x-rays, emergency care, and discounted cosmetic procedures. Our Basic Support Plan starts as low as $25 per person per month, or $95 per month for a household. This plan includes:

  • Two cleanings and dental exams every year
  • Sealants and fluoride varnish
  • A full mouth of x-rays

It also includes 15% off any other basic, advanced, and elective care we offer in the office, which may include Invisalign, fillings, crowns, or even dentures. This is an excellent plan for those who are in good dental health and would like to keep it that way.

If you’ve been living without dental insurance in the Pawnee area, you may have been putting your dental care needs on the back burner and ignoring any problems that crop up so long as they weren’t causing any pain. This isn’t uncommon at all, our team understands, but sooner or later you’ll likely experience a dental issue that demands attention. When you come in, you may find that you need extensive work done, from fillings or root canals to extractions and implants. For people in this situation, we offer the Health Creator Plan ($35/month individual, $125/month household) and the Health Rebuilding Plan ($85/month individual, $265/month household). Each of these plans offers everything from the basic plan along with additional cleanings, included emergency visits, and higher discounts on basic, advanced, and elective care, as well as orthodontia. It’s an excellent option for dental care for adults with no insurance.

We want to help you keep and maintain your oral health. For more information about our alternative plan to dental insurance available to patients in Pawnee and Springfield, please call 217-697-5190 and set up an appointment today.

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