Dental Insurance Carlinville, IL

Don’t have dental insurance in Carlinville, IL? We are dentists who take patience with no insurance plan. At Schön Dental, we offer a dental subscription plan starting at only $25 per person per month. Our Basic Support plan includes full mouth X-rays, panoramic X-ray, Bitewing X-rays, sealants and fluoride varnish, as well as two cleaning and dental exams. We also offer 15% off basic, advanced, and elective care offered in our office. Schön Dental offers a Health Creator Plan that is good for patients that have planned care, a moderate amount of existing dental work to maintain, and a history of dental needs. This plan includes all the above offerings as well as one free emergency exam and needed X-rays, and 35% off basic, advanced, and elective care offered in office. This plan even gives you one free whitening gel tray refill, and a 25% off discount on orthodontic and Botox services.

Looking for an even more extensive plan?

Schön Dental offers a Health Rebuilding Plan. Just ask us about it today! If you don’t have dental insurance in Carlinville, IL or the surrounding areas, Schön Dental can help. We are dentists who take patients with no insurance plan. Our number one goal is to have our customers achieve that happy and healthy feeling. The more care you need, the more you save. We’ll provide the care you need without breaking your budget.

Our clinic offers extended hours that can work around your schedule. No more wondering where dental visits are going to fit into your busy work schedule, our clinic makes dental visits work for you.

Check out one of our reviews from a happy customer:

Rebecca V, 5-Stars

“My son had to have three baby teeth removed at once and was very nervous about the procedure. Everyone was great reassuring him through the whole appointment. We were given a cute tooth holder to have for the tooth fairy and a sweet letter from her helpers to leave under his pillow. Best dentist ever!”

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