Dental Insurance Breckenridge, IL

Patients without dental insurance in Breckenridge, IL can still come to Schön Dental for excellent care. Not only do we accept a wide variety of insurance plans, we offer our own Health Assurance plan to offer local patients affordable health insurance options for their dental care. We know how easy it is to put your health and wellbeing on the back burner when you don’t have appropriate insurance, but taking good care of your teeth and gums can have a remarkable impact on your overall health.

Numerous studies illustrate a direct link between gum disease and heart disease. Tooth decay can rapidly begin affecting your quality of life, particularly if you get an infection that inflames the nerves in your teeth and causes pain. You don’t have to live with dental problems like these. Our Health Assurance plans are specifically created to help people without dental insurance in Breckenridge, Grandview, Springfield, Toronto, and other nearby cities get the care they need without breaking the bank. Our Basic Support plan starts at just $25 per person, per month and includes two annual cleanings and dental exams, full sets of x-rays, sealants and fluoride, and 15% discounts on any basic, advanced, or elective care we offer in the office. It’s totally affordable health insurance for your teeth and gums, regardless of circumstances. In fact, it’s even better than insurance because there are no deductibles to meet or yearly maximums to keep in mind. Get the care you need, when you need it, for a price you can afford.

We’re a full-service dentistry, so the whole family can get all the dental work they need right here. We offer cleanings, basic dental procedures, root canals, extractions, replacements, dentures, orthodontics, teeth whitening, cosmetic dentistry, TMJ and sleep apnea treatments, and a whole lot more. Our more robust Health Insurance plans include emergency exams and necessary x-rays along with discounts on orthodontic work in addition to significant discounts on basic and advanced care.

We proudly serve Breckenridge, IL patients from our Springfield, IL dental office. If you have questions about dental insurance and live in Breckenridge, give us a call at 217-697-5190. Our office is conveniently located nearby and we’ll be happy to talk to you or set up a free consultation. Everyone deserves quality care!

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