Dental Bone Graft Springfield IL

If you’ve experienced bone loss due to a tooth extraction or dental trauma, it’s still possible to have a dental implant placed by building up the bone through a dental bone graft procedure. Dental bone grafting offers an effective way to restore your natural bone to its original condition prior to extractions, gum disease, or other dental issues. We offer bone grafting in-house and can perform it after a tooth extraction to help maintain your facial structure. Our dentists are highly skilled and have great success with bone grafting procedures; we’re proud to be able to offer this as an option to help our Springfield IL patients have more options to help them look and feel their very best.

A dental bone graft may sound scary, but with modern dentistry, it’s a painless, routine procedure and is a necessity for some patients to be able to have a dental implant. In the past, bone grafts were done by harvesting bone from the patient, a painful and invasive procedure. Our dental bone grafting uses xenographs, which utilizes processed bone harvested from bovine (cow) bones. This offers a less invasive procedure for the patient and is very successful in rebuilding bone on the jaw. Since the xenographs are derived from an organic source, the body recognizes it as natural bone. Over time, the body will reabsorb it and replace it with the patient’s natural bone.

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Whether you’re interested in having a dental bone graft procedure to prepare your jaw for a dental implant or restore your facial structure, or you’re interested in general dentistry procedures, we’ll take care of your needs comfortably and compassionately. Give our Springfield IL office a call today at 217-697-5190 or feel free to schedule your appointment through our convenient online form!

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