Laser Gum Recontouring

For some of our patients, their smiles show off more gum than teeth. If your gum line covers too much of the tooth surface, your teeth appear smaller than normal. You have what we call a “gummy smile.” There’s a solution!

Excessive amounts of gum tissue can be a genetic issue, a medication side effect or a symptom of advanced gum disease or some other health condition. On the other hand, if your gums recede you may have exposed roots that make your teeth appear too long. Left untreated, this condition may leave you at increased risk of developing a serious health condition. If the gum tissue pulls away from the tooth, this is a sign of periodontal disease.

Schön Dental offers highly effective laser gum recontouring to improve the appearance of your smile fast. We add balance and harmony between teeth and gums, by removing overgrowth or adding tissue to correct gum recession.
Our experienced dentists utilize several virtually painless gum reshaping solutions. These simple, non-surgical procedures repair gums using the most innovative laser technology. Our no-nonsense laser recontouring is performed under local anesthesia with little to no discomfort. Because there is no cutting, this gentle treatment requires minimal recovery time and fast healing.

Laser gum recontouring treatment and all other dental procedures are performed in-house at our office in Springfield, IL. We numb the area being treated with a local anesthetic and gently remove all excess gum tissue, uncovering more of the tooth surface.

Ready to reveal more those beautiful, pearly whites? Book an appointment with our Springfield dental office today for a laser gum recontouring treatment.

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