Dentures and Partials

Our patients who lack some or all their teeth often feel less attractive. They may appear much older because the supporting facial muscles tend to cave in or sag. For people with missing teeth, natural looking dentures can offer life-changing results. At Schön Dental in Springfield, IL, we provide natural-looking dentures for our patients, along with partial dentures and implant-supported dentures.

Our dental office provides custom natural-looking dentures crafted to mimic your healthy smile. We use a personalized selection of styles, textures, and colors that are designed to fit each individual patient. A full set of dentures is removable prosthetic teeth that are secured to an acrylic base. Patients looking to replace a whole set of missing teeth choose this type of dental prosthesis.

Implant-supported dentures are an option for patients with an entire mouth of missing teeth, but strong supporting bone in the jaw. Attachments are placed to securely connect the denture to the surgically inserted implant. This type of denture is usually placed in the lower jaw because traditionally bottom dentures tend to be unstable. Upper dentures generally don’t require added support to remain in place. However, implant-supported dentures can be worn on both the upper and lower jaw.

Schön Dental also offers partial dentures. A partial denture is a denture consisting of a gum-colored plate with attached prosthetic teeth. This removable bridge fills in empty spaces left by missing teeth. A partial denture contains a metal frame that hold the dental prosthesis in place by latching on to the remaining teeth.

Schön Dental in Springfield, IL offers the latest in dental technology. Our natural-looking dentures and partials are nothing like the dental prosthetics worn by your parents or grandparents. Today’s dentures restore mouth function, provide facial muscle support, and improve your aesthetic appearance.

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