Dental Bone Grafting

We often see patients who require a dental bone graft to maximize the outcome of dental implant surgery. You may have been told during a consultation that you don’t have enough strong bone for us to place the titanium posts. At Schön Dental in Springfield, IL, we can even complete your bone graft in-house.

Dental bonegraft surgery may sound scary, but the procedure has come a long way in recent years. Today, it is a very predictable and painless, routine dental procedure. To place dental implants, a good amount of strong, stable bone is a must. Successful surgery requires the jawbone to be at or near the original position and size. A healthy facial structure also supports the skin and muscles. If your face lacks a stable framework, it will cause premature aging. For some patients, dental bone graft surgery is a must if they want to proceed with dental implant surgery.

Dental bone grafting is an effective way to restore natural bone to its original condition, prior to tooth loss, gum disease, or damage resulting from trauma. We can also use bone grafting after tooth extraction to help maintain the facial structure.

Luckily, we no longer need to harvest excessive amounts of bone from the patient. Today, we have xenografts, which are often processed from bovine material or cow bones. The modern method of using animal bone has been very effective for some time now. The compounds are derived from organic sources that the human body recognizes as natural bone. Over time, the grafted material is resorbed and the body replaces it with organic bone.

Schön Dental is proud to offer dental bone graft surgery and dental implants for our patients in Springfield, IL. Call to schedule a consultation appointment today to discuss your dental care needs!

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