Ceramic Crowns

The process of getting dental crowns, or dental caps, used to require multiple dental visits and messy molds that made some patients gag. At Schön Dental in Springfield, IL, our professionals are front-runners in the newest dental innovations, including crowns.

It used to be that a temporary dental crown was worn while the permanent piece was created at an outside lab. Once your final dental crown was sent to your dentist, another visit was needed to fit and place the ceramic crown. Return visits often followed to address fitting issues.

Now, our CEREC AC in-house laser technology system has reduced the time needed to measure, mill, and finish high-quality white ceramic crowns in minutes. The dental crowns we develop are strong, durable, and very long-lasting.

One of the greatest benefits to you for choosing Schön Dental in Springfield is a top-quality dental ceramic crown in single visit. Since the tooth being fitted is measured precisely by a computer, the outcome is more exact from the start. Better comfort, more convenience, quick results!

Permanently fixed ceramic crowns are used to improve or restore teeth function and beautify your smile. Unlike removable dentures that need to be taken out for cleaning, all-ceramic crowns are securely bonded to either natural teeth or dental implants. Once attached, only your dentist can remove a fixed dental crown.

If you have teeth that are worn, chipped, or broken, tough ceramic crowns will provide strength, improve your smiles, and restore mouth function. Ceramic crowns are thinner and require less tooth reduction, making them ideal for patients with limited mouth space. Sometimes we place crowns on the back teeth after root canal surgery to reinforce the broken-down tooth structure.

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