Ceramic Veneers Springfield IL

Are you interested in ceramic veneers in Springfield, IL? Veneers are a great option for people with gaps in their smile or worn down, chipped, stained, uneven or misaligned teeth. Over time, many of us develop issues with our teeth due to age or neglect. There’s no reason to live embarrassed of your teeth! Schön Dental can help.

A number of aesthetic issues can be fixed with ceramic veneers by Schön Dental in Springfield, IL. We talk with each patient about their oral health history and goals. If you are looking for cosmetic dentistry services and chance to perfect your smile, we have several services that may help. We offer teeth whitening, orthodontics, laser gum recontouring, dental veneers, implants, and more. If you are embarrassed of your teeth, come talk to us. We want everyone to have a happy and healthy smile; we’ll work with you to get your smile where you would like it to be. Whether that’s adding veneers to teeth that are stained or offering full mouth cosmetic reconstruction, we are up to the task of ensuring your smile is fully restored.  

Many patients come to our dental practice for ceramic veneers in Springfield, IL because they know they can trust the quality of the workmanship and friendliness of the staff. Our team is experienced, compassionate, and works hard to put every patient at ease. We want coming to the dentist to be a pleasant experience – we don’t just want to be your dentist for your cosmetic dental treatment, we want to help keep your smile healthy for years to come! We use the finest materials in all our treatments, including dental veneers. We use ceramic (also known as porcelain) veneers, which are natural- colored, strong, and stain-resistant. They will naturally cover up your existing teeth, add strength to your smile (especially important for those with weakened enamel), and resist new stains. Talk to a Schön dentist about what veneers can do for you!

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