Ceramic Crowns Springfield IL

Why does Schön Dental offer ceramic crowns at our Springfield, IL office? Dental crowns act like a cap or crown on top of a damaged tooth, hence their name. They offer a dual purpose; ceramic dental crowns strengthen the remaining tooth and they improve the overall appearance of the tooth. We use ceramic in particular because of its ability to blend with your existing teeth, enhancing the appearance of your smile in a natural and unobtrusive manner.

There are many reasons patients might need ceramic crowns in Springfield, IL. After a root canal treatment when a large portion of decayed tooth has been removed, a crown protects the exposed tooth from further damage. You may have a dental implant, which will need a crown to cover it. You may need a crown or bridge to fill in gaps in your smile. Missing teeth and empty space in your jawline can cause the remaining teeth to shift, which can not only by aesthetically unappealing but bad for your bite and dental health as well. Bridges and crowns prevent this.

Depending on your dental history and current oral health, your Schön dentist may recommend ceramic crowns in our Springfield, IL office. Dental crowns are permanently affixed to your natural teeth using dental cement. Once they have been placed, only a dentist can remove them. They will not slip and slide around your mouth. Instead, they will look and feel like part of your tooth. This will allow you to protect teeth from further damage and chew, drink, talk, and smile normally. It also covers any issues with alignment, shape, color, or existing damage. Schön Dental wants to ensure that you have pearly whites that you can show off. If you are interested in a happy and healthy smile, contact us for an appointment!

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