Why would a dentist offer Botox? While this may seem unusual at first, Schön Dental has a very specific reason for providing Botox for our patients. In addition to its cosmetic uses, Botox has become a common course of treatment to help manage TMD/TMJ symptoms. Temporomandibular joint disorders, commonly called TMD or TMJ, can cause intense jaw pain, teeth grinding, joint discomfort, and frequent headaches. Our dentists want to relieve the pain associated with TMJ and will work with to regain a better quality of life. We offer a few different procedures that may help with symptoms.

The Right Treatment For You

If you’re experiencing tension in your jawline or painful headaches, talk to your dentist at Schön Dental about possible treatment. Personalized oral therapy such as mouth guards, dental splints, or orthodontics can solve your pain issues by stabilizing teeth. A custom-fitted mouth guard worn at night can prevent harmful grinding, leading to less headaches, joint pain, and teeth sensitivity. Dental splits are another option to relieve teeth clenching; patients wear these to correct teeth misalignment and bite problems. Orthodontics can also fix tooth misalignment that’s causing pain.

An experienced dentist can discuss different treatment options for your jaw pain. The best choice may be Botox for your TMJ. A qualified dentist will inject Botox directly into your facial muscles, which can help relieve headaches caused by teeth grinding and tense jaw muscles. Botox can also be a helpful procedure for patients who experience lock jaw as a result of chronic stress. As experts in oral health care with thorough knowledge of facial muscles, our skilled dentists are the perfect choice for administering Botox to help manage TMJ symptoms.

Are you experiencing discomfort or pain in your jawline or frequent headaches? Do you catch yourself grinding your teeth at night or clenching your jaw? Schön Dental wants you to have a happy and healthy smile. Talk to us about treatments that can relieve your pain.

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