Botox Toronto, IL

Are you looking for a Botox treatment provider near Toronto, IL? Schön Dental is happy to provide professional botox services for therapeutic and cosmetic enhancement. Our experienced dentists have focused on facial and neck care for their careers, so they are the logical choice for Botox injections to facial muscles. All services are completed in our clean and discreet dental office, so no one needs to know that you are having Botox injections done. While leaving a medical spa or plastic surgeon’s office is obvious, you can receive Botox injections and leave our dental office just like any other appointment.

There are many reasons patients turn to Botox injections in Toronto, IL. One of these reasons is TMJ. Have you considered Botox to treat your Temporomandibular Joint Disorder? Commonly called TMJ, this disorder can cause pain in the jaw, inability to open and close the mouth comfortably, headache, tension, and grinding. By visiting an experienced professional at Schön Dental, patients can experience relief from these symptoms. Using Botox for TMJ is quick and convenient. The non-surgical procedure is over in just a few minutes, and many patients report minimal discomfort. One of our experienced dentists will inject Botox into your facial muscles to help relieve tension and pain around the jaw and ear. Many patients experience relief within a day or two, but results can take up to a week. For people with extreme jaw tension, Botox injections can be an excellent solutions.

We also provide cosmetic enhancements using Botox injections. This includes: correcting gummy or crooked smiles and minimizing age lines on the face and neck: forehead lines, jowls, laugh and frown lines, wrinkles, crow’s feet, and necklines. Our comprehensive list of cosmetic services spans from Botox to teeth whitening to laser gum recontouring. If you have “areas of concern”, rely on our caring and gentle dentists for Botox and other procedures in Toronto. We proudly serve Toronto, IL from our nearby Springfield, IL dental office.

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