Botox Raymond, IL

Why would a dentist offer Botox for Raymond, IL patients? Because Botox can be a highly effective treatment for TMJ. TMJ/TMD is a condition that affects the temporomandibular joint, which connects your jawbone to your skull. This condition makes the joint extremely tight and uncomfortable, which can lead to a number of problems including: teeth grinding, tension migraines, jaw pain, discomfort while eating, and more.

Seeing the number of people suffering from this disorder, Schön Dental began offering Botox for patients from Raymond and the surrounding areas. Our dentists are already medical experts in oral and jaw issues. They are qualified to inject Botox for relief from TMJ symptoms. The procedure itself is very fast, usually 10 minutes, and is completely outpatient. Patients usually experience relief immediately, although results can take up to a week. For patients that experience debilitating pain as a result of this condition, it can help make every day life easier.

Many patients experience relief when they try Botox for TMJ, although of course every patient is unique and has different needs. If you are experiencing pain in your jawline, Botox may offer relief. The only way to know is to thoroughly examine your mouth and jaw to determine the cause of the TMJ, such as teeth clenching, and to talk to a professional about ways to lessen your symptoms and fix the underlying problem. Schedule an appointment to discuss your options with a qualified dentist at Schön Dental. We will consider your symptoms, health history, and goals. We also offer other treatments that may help relieve pain, such as orthodontics and custom-fitted night guards. If you are living in dental pain in Raymond, there’s no need to continue in discomfort! Our dental facility is located in Springfield, a short shot up the I-55. We would be happy to discuss options to relieve your dental pain; call and schedule an appointment today.

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