Botox Loami, IL

Everyone knows you that Botox treatments in Loami, IL can be used for cosmetic reasons, but did you know they’re also a functional treatment for temporomandibular joint disorders? These disorders, otherwise known as TMJ or TMD, can cause many serious and painful symptoms and side effects for patients. Thankfully, treatments like Botox for TMJ can greatly reduce the severity of these symptoms and give patients some much-needed relief. At Schön Dental, we provide such treatments, along with treatment for sleep apnea.

TMJ can be a debilitating disorder because it can cause intense headaches, jaw pain, and disrupted sleep. It causes tightness, clicking, and pain in the jaw that can subsequently make patients suffer from migraines, tooth grinding, bone deterioration, and more. There are a number of approaches for treatment, including pain management and wearing mouth guards at night to protect the teeth. Using Botox is a newer technique in the Loami and Springfield areas, but it’s proven to be very effective. Botox is a muscle paralytic, which is why it works effectively to smooth the appearance of lines and wrinkles. However, that same paralytic effect also works to relax muscles in the jaw which ultimately alleviates many of the symptoms for TMD. Potentially migraines are avoided and much of the pain associated with the disorder is significantly lessened.

If you’re concerned about paying for Botox for TMJ, we understand. It’s why we accept a range of insurance plans and also take patients with no insurance at all. You shouldn’t have to deal with poor dental health or preventable pain because you’re uninsured. We’re also proud to offer our Health Assurance plan as an alternative to insurance. For as low as $25/month for an individual, your preventative dental care for the year is covered and you’ll receive a significant 15% discount on other services we offer, including treatment for TMJ. The plans scale to suit your needs, offering a larger discount at every additional tier.

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