Botox Grandview, IL

Why trust a dentist for Botox injections in Grandview, IL? Dentists are medical practitioners that have thorough experience and skill in treating conditions of the face and neck, making them the logical choice for Botox procedures. At Schön Dental, our experienced dentists ensure that your experience is comfortable and safe. Our extensive knowledge allows us to offer both for therapeutic purposes and cosmetic restoration.

Many people might be unaware that Botox injections can be used to treat medical conditions including migraine pain, mild TMJ (temporomandibular joint disorders) or jaw tightening, acne scars, and excessive sweating. Botox therapy is a fast and minimally invasive procedure that can help lessen or eliminate these conditions. For example, TMJ is a condition that affects your jaw and facial muscles, causing painful tension. When patients receive injections of Botox for TMJ, they can experience the relief of relaxed muscles and elimination of headaches from teeth grinding.

In addition to using Botox for therapeutic purposes, we also offer cosmetic restoration. We can use Botox for our Grandview patients to minimize aesthetic concerns such as: gummy or crooked smile, necklines, laugh lines, frown lines, jowls, wrinkles, crow’s feet, and forehead lines. We also offer other procedures like laser gum recontouring and teeth whitening.

If you’re looking for Botox treatments in Grandview, Schön Dental offers you a convenient and discreet solution. Located just 15 minutes away, our dental office provides the comfort and professionalism of a doctor’s office without the obviousness of a medical spa. Receiving Botox injections is a non-surgical procedure, and many people report hardly feeling the needle at all. Our gentle and caring dentists make sure you are at your most comfortable at all times.

Schön Dental provides a safe and discreet way for patients to receive therapeutic procedures or cosmetic enhancement. Book an appointment online or call (217) 483-7177 today. We proudly serve Grandview, IL patients from our Springfield, IL dental office and would be happy to give you directions.

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