Botox for TMJ Springfield IL

At Schön Dental, we offer our patients effective options to help relieve the pain associated with TMJ (temporomandibular joint disorders), including bite correction, mouth guards, and Botox for TMJ. TMJ symptoms can greatly impact the ability to do everyday tasks that many people take for granted, like drinking, eating, talking, and even sleeping. We’re dedicated to always offering the best solutions available to help improve our patients’ health and quality of life, and we’ve had great success with TMJ Botox! If you suffer from TMJ, we can help. Contact our Springfield IL office to find out if Botox is the right option for you.

Botox for TMJ treatment works well to relieve painful TMJ symptoms due to its paralytic action. When Botox is injected into the facial muscles, it reduces tension and allows the muscles to relax; the injections can eliminate headaches caused by teeth grinding, joint and muscle pain, and other associated discomfort. TMJ Botox also reduces the unconscious movement of the jaw that is often responsible for producing headaches and pain. Botox for TMJ is a straightforward non-surgical procedure that can be quickly administered by our dentists, with noticeable results generally occurring the first couple days after treatment. The injections are relatively painless, with many patients equating the pain to be no worse than a pinprick or bug bite.

TMJ can sometimes be a result of bite issues or a tooth misalignment; in these cases, a bite correction using orthodontics may be the best course of action. Dental splints can be used to gently correct teeth misalignment and bite problems; if mouth function is impaired or there are tooth sensitivity issues, we also offer treatment options like tooth overlays and dental crowns. For those patients who experience painful teeth grinding at night, we also offer custom-fit mouth guards to stabilize the top and bottom teeth while preventing clenching and grinding. Mouth guards can significantly reduce pain, tightness, and tension in the jaw, as well as tension headaches. 

If you’re searching for a TMJ dentist that provides a number of effective options to significantly reduce your symptoms, look no further than our caring, compassionate Springfield IL office. Give us a call today at 217-697-5190 to schedule your appointment or set up a consultation to determine the right treatment for you!

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