Botox Breckenridge, IL

Patients are turning to Schön Dental for Botox treatments near Breckenridge, IL. Our professional dental office provides a list of comprehensive services for Breckenridge, Springfield, Toronto, Grandview, and the surrounding areas. One of these services is Botox injections for therapeutic and cosmetic enhancements.

Many people recognize Botox as a cosmetic procedure, and we do offer this treatment to correct gummy or crooked smiles and to minimize age-related lines like crow’s feet, laugh lines, and forehead lines. As a dental office, our medical professionals are experienced in working with the face and neck. Our dentists are caring and gentle throughout the procedure, always making sure patients are at ease. Botox injections are quick to administer and produce very little discomfort – many patients report barely feeling anything at all! As a non-surgical, minimally invasive procedure, patients can rely on a simply over-the-counter pain reliever if they do experience discomfort. Another benefit of our dental office is discretion. While leaving a medical spa looking 10 years younger may be obvious, patients can receive Botox injections and head home to Breckenridge without incident.

While the most recognized use for Botox is cosmetic, there are therapeutic uses as well. Patients experiencing dental pain and headaches as a result of TMJ can experience relief with Botox injections. TMJ is a disorder that can cause tension in the jawline, headaches and migraines, grinding, clenching, difficult chewing, inability to open and close the mouth comfortably, and more. Botox injections into the sore muscles can help relieve tension and pain. Whether you are interested in using Botox for therapeutic or cosmetic purposes, our dentists are the right choice for the procedure. We proudly serve Breckenridge, IL from our Springfield, IL dental office. We provide professional Botox injections for patients from Breckenridge and other parts of Illinois – all you have to do is contact us and make an appointment! Schedule one online or call (217) 483-7177 today.

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