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great care for your family

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comprehensive dental care

we offer a wide range of services that are all performed in-house; receive convenient family dental care from one location.

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in-network with your insurance

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no dental insurance? no problem!

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Welcome to schön dental – Your Dentist in Springfield, IL, 62711

At schön dental, our Springfield dental clinic in 62711, we value you and your needs. We want you to feel comfortable. Our friendly staff and dentists near Chatham, IL will work hard to get to know you and care for you uniquely, continually exceeding your expectations.

Comprehensive dental care in Springfield, IL

Our Springfield, IL dentists near Chatham, IL offer a diverse set of services that will meet you and your family’s short and long term needs. Because we put your health first, there are times we may partner with a specialist for your care. However, most of our procedures are primarily done in-house. This includes root canals, implants, extractions, and braces.

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We want to make sure there are as few barriers as possible between you and beautiful care. Our dentists in Springfield are in-network with your insurance, minimizing the financial burden that often comes with the care you need. For more expensive treatments, we are happy to make monthly payments available to you if needed.

Our dentists are happy to serve the Springfield, IL and nearby 62711 communities including Chatham, IL. Ready to achieve a beautiful, healthy smile? Book an appointment with our Springfield dental clinic today.

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want to give your kids the best change for lifelong health? fysh school is the answer! fysh (find your smile here) school is a fun, educational way for your child to learn about dental health. our program helps build the foundation for a lifetime of positive oral health for your child.

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HOP (health on purpose) is a non-profit dental program founded by dr. renken to benefit the the hope institute. this program addresses oral health issues of special needs patients. all proceeds go toward a comprehensive dental clinic, full­-time dentist, and care provider education.

when you take care of yourself you help our community’s most vulnerable get healthier at the same time. for each product sold at our hop store of oral healthcare products, renken dentistry donates $2.00 to the hope institute.

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join the health assurance membership plan at renken dentistry and save money on dental care. you pay a monthly membership fee, and you get the discounts and included services listed below. it’s not dental insurance, it’s better. no dealing with yearly maximums, confusing coverage, or waiting periods. just go to your dentist and save money. get the care you need without breaking your budget.

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